Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clean Windows, Hummingbirds and Beads

Spring sits just outside my office window, but I can hardly see it because my windows are so dirty. There were hummingbirds at the feeders, but they weren't drinking. I went out to check and the feeders were filthy. So I washed and refilled them and was rewarded right away with a thirsty little chap with a ruby scarf. I remember grandma doing her spring cleaning. Does anyone do that anymore? Leave a comment if you do. Tomorrow I am washing windows!

The Crabapples are beginning to bloom, along with many other spring flowers.

Although the Hellebores were in their prime a couple of weeks ago, they still look luscious.

This Cornus has beautiful foliage and it's leaves sit like little fairies on the branches.

I've been beading quite a bit. I go to a Beading Circle every Tuesday night. It's a great feeling to belong to a group of like-minded women.
This feathered and beaded hairclip is one of the projects I just finished.

My daughter and I both love peacock colors and I've made a number of brooches in these colors for my Etsy shop.

Shalyhn, our belly dancing friend is my model for my beaded medallions. She dances so beautifully, but is shy. Why can't we see the creativity and beauty within us? Who came up with this habit of second-guessing ourselves? We need to find them and have a tar and feathering!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Art in the Gardener - Part 2

More Artists that are also Gardeners!

This photo of strophanthus was taken by Rachel at the Blog Wisteria and Cow Parsley. Rachel is a spectacular photographer and gardener.

I especially love this photograph that Rachel took. I imagine myself living up there in the tree tops.

Flowerlady, at Flower Lady's Musings, is also a creative type. She embroiders and beads these magnificent pictures.

You can learn about gardening and art on Flower Lady's blog (above). She's also a pretty sharp photographer, as noted by the photos she takes for her blog.

Lynn Galloway isn't a blogger, but she is definately an artist and a gardener. For several years she designed and implemented beautiful gardens around the Apple Tree Resort near Yosemite. Lately she has been gardening at Yosemite National Park during the summer and doing her artwork during the winter.

Lynn is accomplished at many differant types of art - from painting to sculpting to metalwork.

Rowan, at Circle Of The Year, is good with needles - as in embroidery and knitting. Here is a baby sweater she knitted...

...and a sampler she cross-stitched.

All photos are courtesy of the artists mentioned below them.
If you are an artist and a gardener, please leave a comment. We just might have to do a "Art in the Gardener 3!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Art in the Gardener

Have you ever noticed that most gardeners are creative in other ways as well? I know many gardeners that are quilters, painters, interior designers, etc.
Here in my own little world, it is true as well. I create altered books and beadwork. My friend and gardener at Village Green, Allie, is a fabulous painter. My other gardener, Yvonne, is a skilled mosaic artist. I don't have photos of Yvonne's work (look for them in future blogs) but following is some artwork from Me and Allie.

"Luna Nymph" is a beaded brooch using a polymer clay face and czech glass beads.

Green and Gold Cabochon is another brooch I created.

The Green Celtic Knot is a favorite among my friends.

"Ransom Poem From the L. L. Bean Catalog" is from one of my altered books.

"Seasons" is another page from an altered book. The wheel at the bottom turns to display the differant seasons in the little window.

Allie recently finished this painting of a client's childhood swimming hole.

Allie painted this "Caffinated Butterfly" in one of the rooms of the resort we work at (The Village Green Garden Resort).

Allie gets jiggy with Santa at the Holiday Party.

Are you an artist and gardener? Leave a comment and let me know what your talents are.