Monday, March 1, 2010

Art in the Gardener

Have you ever noticed that most gardeners are creative in other ways as well? I know many gardeners that are quilters, painters, interior designers, etc.
Here in my own little world, it is true as well. I create altered books and beadwork. My friend and gardener at Village Green, Allie, is a fabulous painter. My other gardener, Yvonne, is a skilled mosaic artist. I don't have photos of Yvonne's work (look for them in future blogs) but following is some artwork from Me and Allie.

"Luna Nymph" is a beaded brooch using a polymer clay face and czech glass beads.

Green and Gold Cabochon is another brooch I created.

The Green Celtic Knot is a favorite among my friends.

"Ransom Poem From the L. L. Bean Catalog" is from one of my altered books.

"Seasons" is another page from an altered book. The wheel at the bottom turns to display the differant seasons in the little window.

Allie recently finished this painting of a client's childhood swimming hole.

Allie painted this "Caffinated Butterfly" in one of the rooms of the resort we work at (The Village Green Garden Resort).

Allie gets jiggy with Santa at the Holiday Party.

Are you an artist and gardener? Leave a comment and let me know what your talents are.


FlowerLady said...

Cindee ~ Great title to this post. I love that first brooch. Are all three of these your creations? The second one is very classy.

Hope you have many artistic days in your gardeners heart.


Cindee said...

Hi Flower Lady,
Thanks for the compliment. I do the Brooches and the Altered Books. I also make beaded medalions for Belly Dancers (they wear them on their belts).

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Alas, Cindee, my only artistic talent is with words or photographs. Your jewelry is delightful, very fresh and happy-making. Here's to many more creations from you.

Suz said...

My stars..all that talent

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindee~~ When I was younger I went through this weird experimental phase. I tried lots of different crafts, mosaic, dried florals, painting, stenciling, sewing, just to name a few. As I've aged all of those endeavors have lost their magic. Two things remain: gardening and writing.

Your jewelry is amazing and Allie is equally skilled with her painting. Thanks for giving us a peak.