Thursday, December 10, 2009

Delights of a Cold Winter Week

We have had temperatures down to 10 degrees at night this past week, with the days never getting above freezing. I've been bringing the pets indoors and thawing out bird baths for the birds and squirrels and putting out lots of food for the wildlife. But there is always something lovely to be found in nature, no matter what. Our fountain turned into a lovely ice sculpture. Many of the employees have been havng their pictures taken in front of it for their christmas cards.

Here's anothe view of the whole fountain. Isn't she magnificent?

I loved this little garden of frost ferns that formed on the side of my car.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindee~~ I had the same "frost ferns" pattern on my car. It's a rare work of art, don't you think? The fountain on ice looks dazzling.

NellJean said...

Hi, I found you are a new member at Blotanical. I looked at your posts. I'm a fan of Dollar Tree, too. They have the best dog toys. Loved the labyrinth, is that yours or nearby?

Nell Jean - Secrets of a Seedscatterer

NellJean said...

One more thing: there are messages from other Blotanical members waiting for you on your Plot at there. You might want to read the FAQ under the Help tab on Blotanical to get a better idea of how things work.

I know it's a busy time, keep it in mind for after Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Christine B. said...

The fountain is splendid! Great photos of ice, thanks for sharing with us.

CB in Alaska at Last Frontier Garden