Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ghosts in the Garden

Magical mist wraps around the labyrinth on an early winter walk.

This spruce, enshrouded in spider webs, shimmers in the mist.

When you wake up to a misty, moisty morning, I highly recommend wrapping up snug (for nothing penetrates your bones like a cold fog) and take a walk outside, intermingling with the ghosts of the garden.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindee~~ I'm not terribly fond of fog, although I must say it looks very enigmatic in your photos. The fog has lifted and it's cold, cold, cold in these parts. How about you? I suppose I can take this clear/cold as long as it doesn't cloud up and snow. I like snow as long as it's somewhere else. :) Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot. I don't see the logo anywhere on your blog so I was wondering if you're a member. If not, it's easy to join and get acquainted with gardeners all over the world.

Cindee said...

Hi Grace,
I went to the Blotanical site, but had trouble because one of their pages wouln't come up. Will try it again today.
It's COLD down here. But still beautiful. I love fresh snow in the morning, but then it has to go away.

Beth said...

Nice blog. Like each and every picture on your blog. Like his spruce, enshrouded in spider webs, shimmers in the mist.

Carol said...

Beautiful post and your photography is wonderful Cindee! I love my early morning misty walks too. Carol