Thursday, January 14, 2010

January Jewels

Witchhazels are a marvelous staple of the winter garden and many garden blogs have lately touted their virtues. Some of the most popular are 'Diana', 'Arnold Promise', and 'Jelena'. But there are many others out there that are equally dazzling (if not more so). Here are a few:

My all time favorite is Hamamelis 'Ruby Glow'. An early bloomer and fragrant too.

H. 'Sunburst' is a blaze of florescent yellow. Also an early bloomer.

H. 'Firecharm' is similar to 'Ruby Glow, but not fragrant and it's a lower shrub.

H. japonica 'Zuccariniana' is one of the very latest blooming witchhazels. It has yellow scented flowers, but I like it best for it's buds that hang like little droplets from the branches.

If you can't find unusual witchhazels at your nursery, Please check these wonderful nurseries in the links list in my sidebar:
Gossler farm Nursery
Forestfarm Nursery


noel said...

aloha cindee,

beautiful post and great pictures...wish i could grow those here in my neck of the woods

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindee~~ If a person wants to have something blooming each month of the year, the Witch Hazels are a great January candidate, aren't they? Especially for those in colder Zones where Sarcoccoa and Daphne can't quite jump start themselves. Nice photos.

debsgarden said...

I just discovered witch hazels a couple years ago - mine are still small. I have one in the Lady Garden and another on the edge of our property, which I hope will be blooming soon. I like the flowers - their shapes remind me of fireworks!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

January jewels indeed, Cindee! Isn't it gratifying to see that many more people are embracing hamamelis lately? You're months ahead of me, but I can 'smell' that Ruby Glow from here!

leavesnbloom said...

Cindee I just love witchhazels - you've got varieties that I have not come across before.


Roses and Lilacs said...

I used to have witch hazel when I lived in Alabama. Oddly, I have never seen it growing up north here. I believe it is hardy.

Dropped in at your cat blog and really enjoyed seeing pictures of the kitties. You are so kind to take the tortie home. It would have been so hard for her outside in those frigid cold temperatures. She is a beautiful lady.

FlowerLady said...

I think witch hazel blooms are really lovely. I've never seen them in person, but always enjoy seeing pictures of them. They probably would not like our heat and humidity at all.


Di said...

Hello Cindee, thank you for stopping by my blog and allowing me to meet another Oregonian! You made me laugh out loud regarding our compost with the image of "...can hear my plants smacking their lips now". I wish we had more shade so that we could grow the hamamelis, but to no avail we stick with more drought tolerant plants. Your photos are lovely. Diana

Naturegirl said...

Certainly these Whitchhazels blossoms are unique..I shall watch out for them at the nursery! Thank you for sharing!